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7 Jul


Job Hunting

There are many different sources in which one can embark on a job search in Singapore. The most common ways are the newspapers, online job sites and depending on headhunters for referrals.


Most companies in Singapore still hire candidates through advertisements placed in newspapers. It is because the newspapers have been an effective mean of job matching for employers and employees. The widely used newspapers is The Straits Times, jobseekers should keep exceptionally close watch especially on the Saturday copies as there always more job advertisers. Other newspapers include TODAY.

Online Job Sites

The other commonly used source nowadays would be the websites, for a start, you may check our jobs section:

Singapore Jobs Classifieds
Career and Jobs section in the Singapore Expats Classifieds

Company Websites

Certain companies may post available positions on their websites. Try Googling to find the companies or industries you want to work for and you might find luck.

Cold Letters

It is never wrong to take the imitative writing to the desired company you wish to work for available positions. If you do not know the name of the Human Resource personnel, contact the receptionist for the email, name of even contact number of the person-in-charge, so you would know where you letter or call is heading.

Employment Agencies / Recruitment Firms

These private commercial firms that match employers looking for employees. They would advertise on behalf of the Company and manage the interviews with the candidates. The recruitment process is mostly managed by the Employment Agency.

Career Fairs

There is a Career Fair at times, do look out in the Straits Times newspapers for such events.

Online Websites

Employers can also target their candidates by advertising online, you can do so at our site – it is immediate and works for employers 24/7. Advertising Rates can be found at HERE.